Digitisation in German schools - there is only the goodwill

A recent article by Süddeutsche.de deals with the question of whether schools have arrived in the digital age. The answer to this is quite clear and is answered, for example by teachers from Bavaria with a clear "no".

The teachers are quite willing to use modern media in everyday school life, but they lack the technical equipment and support in its use.

For example, the Bavarian Teachers Association (BLLV) criticizes the fact that so far there is only a digitisation concept for schools in the glossy brochure of the Ministry of culture. On the other hand, there is a lack of specific technical equipment and help with technical issues. Both teachers and students often feel left alone in this respect.

That it can wort differently is shown by the fact that there are more than 12,000 schools working with the MASTERSOLUTION SUITE classroom management software. The solution combines a multitude of didactically valuable functions and enables high quality teaching. To ensure the full attention and integration of students, screens can be viewed in real time and all imaginable programs and files can be transferred, shared or locked. The cross platform solution enables use under Windows, MAC and LINUX. Useful apps for mobile end devices (iOS, Android) allow the classroom management solution to be monitored and controlled using iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Tablet and Smartphone.

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