E-Lectures: Create explanatory videos and digital recordings yourself

E-lectures, as a special form of E-learning, are currently very popular. Digital recordings are made in everyday company or university processes, which are then made available online to employees, customers, students etc. With the right complete system, E-lectures can be created in-house in HD quality without previous technical knowledge.

The fundamental component for the creation is the innovative complete system MASTERSOLUTION SHOW which can be used to create video training modules based on PowerPoint slides. After creating the video blocks, they are loaded into the Video Management System MASTERSOLUTION VMS and equipped with individual skip markers (including a commentary function by means of the trainer) for controlling the videos (chapters, thumbnails) as well as metadata (description, additional information). By means of the VMS system, the videos can then be integrated into any third party systems or made available for download. The VMS system provides a complete interface system that allows integration with LMS systems (for example, Moodle - Screenshot including learning progress is added) or for interactive web applications. The delivery of videos is independent of the end device and is ensured on all common mobile devices. In this way, all requirements for modern E-lectures can be displayed.

Basic elements: Creation of PowerPoint based training films
With MASTERSOLUTION SHOW, simple and professional explanatory videos, virtual 3D presentations and animated film sequences can be created without previous knowledge. This mobile and ready-to-use application enables you to produce a large number of videos in a short time, on location and in TV quality. Different virtual studios (templates) can be chosen and with just a few settings the customer specific design (CI) can be implemented. Existing presentations (e.g.Powerpoint) can be integrated and intelligently controlled by means of blend effects. Areas of application: professional presentations, Mobile 3D Film Studio, creation of training videos, production of explanatory films, virtual lectures, "Inverted classroom"

From importing the PowerPoint presentation to selecting the studio layout

...up to the finished presentation film!

Basic elements: Creating E-lectures: Skip markers, metadata, delivery of videos incl. Player
After production, the further processing is done in the Video Management System to complete the E-lectures. The resulting film material can also be processed independently of the VMS in other systems (modular concept). After uploading the videos, the corresponding metadata is recorded and the structure of the films is created (see screenshot).

Creating the control (skip markers) and info texts for the user

The resulting E-lecture component can now be integrated into a customer application via simple “Code snippet” integration (see screenshot)

Embedding (from VMS portal) into customer applications

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