Explanatory videos for companies - it must be easier

Many well known companies rely on explanatory videos for very different fields of application and target groups. For this purpose, external agencies are commissioned in elaborate and costly procedures, who write individual storyboards, establish various production days ...

Those responsible in the companies are often unaware that the production does not necessarily have to be entrusted to an external company, but that the latest generation of explanatory videos can be produced within the company itself. This is possible with the right solution without any previous technical knowledge and in TV quality.

The following demo video shows you how it can work:

In Mobile 3D Filmstudio you can choose from different virtual studios (templates) and with just a few settings the customer specific design (CI) can be implemented. Useful functions such as the virtual camera pan offer individual creative freedom and make the explanatory videos produced even more lively. Existing videos and presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) can be imported, meaningfully integrated into the video (for example with blend effects or film-in-film) and, if desired, presented in full screen mode. The presentation is conveniently controlled via tablet (set card functionality).

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