Just "try e-learning" in 2019

Key e-learning themes in 2019 include a new level of adaptive learning, game-based learning and video-based learning.

A publication by the Pink University addresses the eight top e-learning trends in 2019.

"Adaptive learning stands for learning opportunities that are tailored to the needs of a specific user". It "unfolds its benefits primarily in the context of trust-based assessments and a detailed analysis of training effectiveness. If all these conditions are met, in-company training reaches a new level of efficiency. Both companies and employees benefit from this, because neither side appreciates unnecessary training and repetition."

(Source: Pink University article: Acht Top eLearning Trends für 2019)

Interactive digital learning routes & learning zones thus enable the provision of integrated workplace learning opportunities. In combination with other building blocks, scalable solutions for smart education environments can thus be realised and specifically tailored to the user.

Motivation and readiness for further education within the company are sustainably increased via innovative delivery formats.

So just "try e-learning" with learning content and scenarios that have been individually tailored to qualification levels, situation and location.

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