Vocational schools have a lot of digital catching up to do

The use of digital media seems to have arrived everywhere in everyday life. However, appearances are deceptive, as the “Monitor Digitale Bildung” (Monitor of digital training) of Bertelsmann Foundation from August 2016 makes clear.


According to the study, in particular trainers and vocational schools have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitisation. The study shows that while about 97 percent of vocational school teachers use the Internet to research lessons, only 34 percent use Learning Management Systems, self study programs or digital media to develop learning content. As a result, only 33 percent of the vocational school teachers surveyed in the study see digital learning technologies as a way to ensure better learning outcomes.

Modern classroom management solutions such as MASTERSOLUTION SUITE combine a multitude of didactically valuable functions and enable high quality teaching. To ensure the full attention and integration of students, screens can be viewed in real time and all imaginable programmes and files can be transferred, shared or locked. A cross platform solution enables use under Windows, MAC and LINUX. Useful apps for mobile end devices (iOS, Android) allow the classroom management solution to be monitored and controlled using iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Tablet and Smartphone.

The CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation Jörg Dräger puts it in a nutshell: "Digital learning is much more than an image factor. Vocational schools and companies need strategies for the digital age. Only in this way can they exploit the potential of new technologies for equitable education." In this regard, however, 40 percent of the surveyed vocational schools are already failing in terms of the basic infrastructure, because not even a WLAN is available.

The detailed study of the Bertelsmann Foundation can be found here.

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