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Experience the innovative way of learning and communicating. Create, edit, and distribute content across the systems and sites you want. Engage selected user groups and coordinate training. Establish game-based learning and realize knowledge transfer in a new dimension.

Our products are divided into the following areas:

Create Content

Create content that inspires. Together with you, we review your source material, examine transformation processes and offer you the right tools to create interactive learning content. The interplay of video production, presentation and authoring tools and AI with Open AI Framework and Question Aid makes it possible to produce professional content or generate it automatically based on user questions.

FOCUS - Hands-free video production

Record mobile videos from the user's perspective in high quality and implement video tutorials, for example.

EXPLAIN - Complicated topics simply explained

Realize professional and engaging explainer films, storytelling or animated infographics.

SHOW - Mobile 3D film studio

Produce your own educational videos and 3D virtual presentations at the highest level.

mySHOW - Presentation tool for online heroes

Impress with a perfect live appearance and virtual conferences in your own corporate design.

VIS - Training & Information in new dimensions

Realize the fusion of virtual and real worlds with our visual interactive systems.

H5P - Authoring tool - Create interactive content easily

Create interactive, multimedia content and integrate it into your website or learning platform.

Deploy & Integrate Content

Our Corporate Tube combines the advantages of a Learning Management System (LMS), a Video Management System (VMS) and a service portal. Personalized environments, access permissions, and secure video links provide low-threshold access to informal learning. Distribute your content on any platform, integrate seamlessly with internal or external channels, and work with third-party systems and interface players if desired.

LMS - Individual Learning Management System

Put your own learning platform, knowledge database or training portal into practice.

SUITE - Classroom Management

Use numerous didactic functions for intuitive teaching and learning.

VMS - Video Management with Video Cloud in Germany

Ensure safe management and distribution of video and recordings of live broadcasts.


Send messages and important information over your local network directly to the recipient's screen.

Organize & certify training

Our training management system with 360° seminar management allows you to easily coordinate appointments, rooms, trainers and participants. Automatic assignment and individual design make organization easy. Manage learning progress via a qualification matrix and authorize users with specific competencies. Generate open badges and certificates and keep track thanks to learning paths and escalation management.

LMS - Realize digital learning worlds

Train with a variety of learning activities, test and exam modules, and automatic learning success monitoring.

TMS - Trainings Management System

Reliably manage the organization of appointments, online meetings, seminars & courses.

LMS Plugin - Add-on modules

Use additional features to improve learning and increase user engagement.

REFLECT - Inventarisierung von Hard-& Software

Control all network and PC activities centrally with IT Asset Management.

VMS - Video portal with secure linking

Decide at the click of a mouse whether content is available for download or copy-protected.

SUITE - Classroom Management

View screens in real time and transfer, share and lock all conceivable programs or files.

»Software for Communication & Learning«

Learn & communicate playfully

Design varied and interactive learning worlds in different forms and integrate gamification elements, among other things, to motivate learning and impart knowledge in a sustainable way. Open up new horizons of virtual learning via the metaverse. Provide virtual training rooms as digital twins and 3D models to make training sessions as realistic as possible.

FOCUS - Record videos while you work

Realize a simple video production with an intelligently combined system of hardware and software.

EXPLAIN - Information transfer made easy

Illustrate the most important facts in an explanatory film or an animated 2D or 3D graphic.

GAME BASED LEARNING - Learning through play

Use the pedagogical approach to promote learning motivation with games.

mySHOW - Present exciting contents live

Prepare online presentations, conferences and events in your own corporate design.

VIS - Virtual training & simulation worlds

Bring images to life impressively and in completely new dimensions.

Provide knowledge in a location-based and personalized way

Digital learning routes help you provide knowledge in a precisely tailored manner by combining real learning locations with interactive learning modules. This approach enables a location-based and experience-oriented transfer of know-how. Offer specific learning paths and promote continuous learning. This way, employees learn directly in their work environment and apply their acquired knowledge in practice.

FOCUS - Videos from the user's perspective

Produce videos without a film crew and free from time-consuming post-production.

LMS - Manage & provide learning content

Design a corporate learning platform customized to your needs.

VMS - Organize & monitor video content

Embed video content in any number of platforms, websites, and portals in a GDPR-compliant way.

mySHOW - Multifunctional online presentation tool

Discover our software solution for online presentations, conferences and events.

myLMS APP - Use the LMS on the go

Access learning content and courses mobile via smartphone or tablet.


pixablestudios produces explanatory films, appealing movies and videos and develops in cooperation with mastersolution AG innovative 3D content and optimized workflow solutions, which are adapted to the specific needs of different industries.

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