PowerPoint compatible

easily import slides, videos
and animated CAD data

Customised Studio layouts

Customised Studio layouts (own corporate design)

direct interface to the video management system

direct interface to the video management system (MASTERSOLUTION VMS)

Mobile 3D Filmstudio

Produce 3D videos yourself

With Mobile 3D Filmstudio MASTERSOLUTION SHOW, quickly produced umpteen videos in TV quality. Usage of this solution is easy and without the need of technical knowledge. With MASTERSOLUTION SHOW, you can choose from different virtual studios (templates) and a custom client specific design (CI) can be created with just a few settings. Begin your film production simply by importing a PowerPoint presentation. Numerous adjustment options for film transitions or the relationship of speaker to backing in the film (virtual camera positions) can be used to create an individual arrangement that is tailored to the purpose of the video. The presentation is conveniently controlled via tablet (set card functionality). Several extension options, such as connecting a teleprompter or using more than one speaker, are also available on request.

A selection of our reference customers: WEKA MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG, Springer Nature, thyssenkrupp Academy, Pforzheim University

Features und Keyfacts
  • Displays at the bottom of the picture (lower strip)
  • Extended functionalities for presenter notes
  • Horizontal studio recording (wide format)
  • Full screen camera recording without green screen keying (for example, mounting shots)
  • Photorealistic studio environments with new render technology
  • User friendly studio layouts
  • Incorporate dynamic tracking shots into the presentation
  • Insert CAD models into the presentation (CAD version sold separately)
  • Virtual pan shot
  • Film-in-fim feature
  • Display videos and PPT slides in fullscreen mode
  • Customised Studio layouts (own corporate design)
  • direct interface to the video management system (MASTERSOLUTION VMS)
  • Full package - no installation, ready for immediate use
  • Setcard functionality - control the presentation via the Tablet App
  • Automatic editing with slide repetition at slips
  • No time-consuming rendering - film is created finished
  • Large choice of Studio templates & customisation options
  • A large selection of 3D animated blend effects