Further education 4.0: The University of Pforzheim offers students their own learning platform

In cooperation with Mastersolution AG, a university specific learning platform was developed at the University of Pforzheim. Here students are taught individually using the latest technology according to the principle of a magic cube.

The University of Pforzheim with its part time master degree program, is working on the BLUE-PRINT project at the technology faculty on a cross-university continuing education structure that works on the principle of a magic cube. By turning and combining, the individual training needs are put together from a colourful range of modules. The participants receive a certificate for the successful completion of the respective building block. Depending on the interests, an entire master degree program can be completed part time while working. There is also an offer for aspiring managers from the technology and leadership sectors, which prepares them for the upcoming shift through Industry 4.0. Innovation management, disruptive technologies and process management are taught as well as management skills or the development of a personal leadership style. The didactic concept is based on the principle of blended learning: Various E-learning and attendance based forms are combined and tailored to the respective seminar content. The goal is an optimal knowledge transfer for a target group, which has very little free time due to professional and private commitments. The cube principle was awarded the second place at the invitation to tender for the Baden-Württemberg University of economics. Prof. Dr. Katja Rade, Vice Rector for strategic university development and Professor for accounting and controlling, about the project: "With BLUE-PRINT, the part time master program and certification program, we combine attendance phases with online modules and thus offer the opportunity for students to further their education and to occupy different modules individually or as a complete program. Users are enthusiastic about the diversified contents with practical relevance and the well structured online lectures. This makes a great mix of knowledge transfer and group work possible."

For the BLUE-PRINT project a combination is used of the software products Mobile 3D Film Studio MASTERSOLUTION SHOW, Video Management System MASTERSOLUTION [VMS] and Learning Management System MASTERSOLUTION [LMS]. At the University of Pforzheim, with Mobile 3D Film Studio MASTERSOLUTION SHOW, numerous educational videos in real time in TV quality are being produced in the shortest time. The application of the solution is simple and possible without technical understanding. With the Video Management System MASTERSOLUTION [VMS] the secure management and distribution of educational videos and recordings is possible. The user can decide with a mouse click whether content is available for free download or should be provided with copy protection. The Learning Management System MASTERSOLUTION [LMS] enables the implementation of a university specific learning platform which was adapted to the corporate design of the University of Pforzheim. The LMS is particularly flexible and is based on the open source learning platform system Moodle.

The detailed user report of the University of Pforzheim can be found here.

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