Smart Education Environments

Find out about Mastersolution AG's modular solutions, which enable companies with a focus on digital learning formats to design smart education environments.

A modular, extensible and future-proof system allows you to benefit from open architectures and scalability in order to achieve secure architectures and high usability in your own environment.

Appropriate digital communication and learning software modules support you exactly where you need it.

MASTERSOLUTION SHOW mobile 3D filmstudio: The MASTERSOLUTION SHOW mobile 3D filmstudio allows you to create professional explanatory videos, virtual 3D presentations and animated film sequences without any prior technical knowledge. This mobile and ready-to-use application enables you to produce a large number of videos in a short time, on location and in TV quality.

MASTERSOLUTION EXPRESS: As from 2019, EXPRESS has expanded the modular system for digital knowledge transfer. EXPRESS is an authoring tool for the rapid, independent creation of interactive learning modules and 3D presentations using data which already exists in the company, such as CAD data, PowerPoint presentations, videos, images and documentation.

Interactive digital learning routes & learning zones enable the provision of integrated workplace learning opportunities. In combination with other building blocks, scalable solutions for smart education environments can thus be realised.

Open platform architectures [LMS, VMS] enable the seamless integration of smart education environments into existing processes and IT environments. New business models are quickly realised and mapped via interfaces.

Corporate YouTube [VMS] with a smart filter and search function for quick, targeted support in the event of questions or problems. Corporate YouTube serves as a delivery platform for short videos containing interactive, mobile-enabled learning content & knowledge nuggets

Augmented Reality (AR) apps complement traditional content delivery options. MASTERSOLUTION AR allows a huge range of content to be interactively conveyed and experienced.

Smart Education Environments

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