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App development

Visual Intercative Systems

Training and information in new dimensions

With MASTERSOLUTION Visual Interactive Systems [VIS] you achieve the interactive fusion of virtual and real worlds. Bring images to life impressively and in completely new dimensions. Move around in virtual training and simulation worlds. MASTERSOLUTION VIS is not only able to recognise objects, machines or images and enrich them with digital content. With the help of interfaces to databases and information systems, real time information, data and control variables can be displayed and analysed live. The practical application examples are numerous. You will find in interactive training simulations among other things, communication solutions, sales and service materials, product presentations and interactive information systems.

Features and keyfacts
  • Identify and recognise images, objects, colours and shapes
  • Application scenarios in various output formats / devices
  • Mobile apps / VR glasses (Microsoft HoloLens)
  • Smart content: a pipeline for all output formats
  • Connection to data glasses (real time data visualisation)
  • Virtual training and simulation modules (machinery, medical connections and anatomy)